Welcome to Fixipay

Get and transfer money around the world

Money Transfers

Receive and send money to anywhere in the world instantly.

Currency Exchange

Favourable live currency exchange rates on your account.

Simple Deposit and Withdrawal

Deposit and Withdraw from your wallet through popular channels.

Payment Request

Email your customers invoices from your Fixipay account.

24/7 Support

Fixipay users enjoy 24/7 support from our team.

Visa and Mastercard; Alternative Payment Methods

Payments can be processed using Visa cards, MasterCard and other popular alternative payment services.

Online B2B / B2C payment

Fixipay allows both B2B and B2C online payments.

Cross Border Collection

Supports both foreign exchange and cross-border payments at a competitive rate. Supports various currencies for both corporate and individual merchants.

Blockchain Transfers

A payment processing platform designed to offer international deposit and withdrawal with a unique identifier for every transaction so it cannot be altered.

Prepaid Cards

For corporate and individuals.

Multi-channel Payment

Safe, fast and secure payment transfer using either your personal computer or mobile phone.

Multiple Wallet Integration

Supports API for wallet integration with other platforms using a single/seamless wallet or multiple wallets linked to each other.