Wire Transfers - send and receive money via SWIFT

Wire transfers via SWIFT network are one of the most common ways to transfer funds worldwide. Our network of banking partners allows you to easily receive and withdraw funds in over 120 countries covering over 120 currencies. Wire transfers may take up to 3 business days to show up on the account.

Wire Transfers - send and receive money via SEPA

Personal and Business account users can fund their Payment Account by sending a wire from their bank account held in their name. Funds usually arrive in 48 hours or less. Send and receive a virtual SEPA bank account with SEPA capability. Your beneficiary name will be on the account and you can accept payments via the SEPA network. This is great for clients who work with EU companies that can only pay to EU based bank accounts.

Local bank transfers

Local bank transfers are available in over 120 countries in local currencies. See full list here. Unlike bank transfers through the SWIFT network, local bank transfers, also referred to as EFT, are much cheaper. In some cases, local bank transfers can take less than 24 hours to be credited to the account.

* Please note that Local Bank Transfers require the beneficiary bank account to be in the local currency.

European Iban accounts for Business and Individuals

Fixipay accounts comes with additional European Iban account to process foreign payments.

Online B2B / B2C payment

Fixipay allows both B2B and B2C online payments.

Cross Border Collection

Supports both foreign exchange and cross-border payments at a competitive rate. Supports various currencies for both corporate and individual merchants.

Blockchain Transfers

A payments processing platform designed to offer international deposit and withdrawal options, adapted specifically for e-commerce, that also enables integrating payments in various types of currencies. Send funds via crypto wallet.

Prepaid Cards

For corporate and individuals.

Multi-channel Payment

Through your personal computer or mobile terminal. Convenient, safe and at high speed.

Cross Border Remittance Payments

Real-time exchange rate, high-speed payment.
Supports various currencies and full-amount remittance.

Multiple Wallet Integration

Supports API and webhook for wallet integration with other platforms using a single/seamless wallet or multiple wallets together with transfer transactions in between.